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Golden Ratio Formula

NMN | Provides NAD+ for the mitochondria of cells, so that the cells can get sufficient strength to supply the energy needed for the daily repair of body organs, making people feel full of energy and get high-quality sleep at the same time.

Collagen| Helps to delay skin aging, increase the water-locking function of the skin, maintain the elasticity of the skin, and has the benefits of anti-wrinkle and lightening fine lines, etc. For bone health, collagen helps repair cartilage tissue, reduces the risk of joint problems, and prevents osteoporosis and muscle loss.

Hyaluronic Acid | Helps skin retain moisture for a more youthful, supple appearance. At the same time, hyaluronic acid is an important joint fluid component, which acts as a lubricant and effectively helps resist pressure.

Glutathione | Converts destructive molecules, including free radicals, into harmless compounds, helps keep the liver healthy, and is responsible for the body's natural cleansing process, thereby regulating immune function. At the same time, glutathione can cooperate with vitamin C and E to double the antioxidant effect.

Patented Technology|Efficient Absorption

Since NMN is easier to be decomposed by liquid, PUREYOUNG NMN+ specially uses "collagen carrier ALGINATED MICROSPHERE" to wrap each drug powder, so that the precious ingredients in the product are double protected by collagen carrier and capsule, which is not easy to be lost, and is more effectively absorbed and released by the intestinal tract. Compared with ordinary NMN, it is more conducive to human body absorption, thereby increasing the conversion rate of NMN into NAD+.

8 functions

Improve sleep quality|Anti-aging|Effectively protect liver and enhance immunity|White and brighten skin|Enhance muscle endurance|Replenish cellular energy|Reduce the risk of obesity

Science-based | Quality Assurance

This product has been certified and patented by SGS, and is produced in an FDA registered factory certified by BV, ISO and biopharmaceutical GMP.

This product has also passed the strict audit of the Hong Kong Certification Center (HKCC), confirming that the product meets the relevant local and international standards and quality.

Edible Guidelines

  • For those under the age of 40, take 1 capsule daily for the first week, then gradually increase to 1-2 capsules daily
  • For those aged 40 or above, take 1-2 capsules per day for the first week, then gradually increase to 2-4 capsules per day
  • It is recommended to take it in the morning

  • Packing specification: 30 grains/bottle

  • Place of Production: Hong Kong
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Alice Lee

    It's very sleepy after taking pulls for weeks even I have been taken over 20+ days, I always feel sleepy and not that energetic. Not as good as KOL described and the results so far, not as good as expected.

    Mandy Chan
    Christmas promotion

    Feel better, fine pores

    Kathy Yiu

    Pureyoung NMN+ 2 盒優惠

    Sin Yee Yeung

    Pureyoung NMN+ 2 盒優惠

    Loretta Lo

    食咗2星期左右, 皮膚改善最明顯, 面色好咗同緊緻咗