Anti-Aging Cardiovascular Method NMN+ –

Anti-Aging Cardiovascular Method NMN+

Anti-Aging Cardiovascular Method NMN+

Cardiovascular diseases have a high fatality rate and directly affect people's lives. Many people regularly undergo cardiovascular checks to ensure that their cardiovascular system is functioning properly. However, the incidence of cardiovascular diseases significantly increases with age, including heart failure, atherosclerotic diseases, and hypertension. The risk of developing cardiovascular diseases also increases due to genetics, so besides maintaining a healthy lifestyle, how can the risk be reduced to the lowest level?

In fact, a decline in NAD+ can lead to the aging of vascular cells. Previous studies have confirmed the relationship between mitochondrial function and heart failure, and impaired mitochondrial function can lead to a decrease in NAD+ levels. Fortunately, studies have already confirmed that NMN supplements can restore cardiovascular function by improving the aging of vascular cells. Studies have shown that NMN can promote the health of cellular power sources, mitochondria, and prevent heart failure. Cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, increased vascular wall thickness (harder and less functional vessels), and vascular health have all improved.

NAD+ improves quality of life by blocking aging, thereby improving quality of life and delaying age-related diseases. Clinical evidence shows that it helps delay and/or prevent metabolic conditions, hearing loss, muscle atrophy, and cognitive decline. In addition, NAD+ precursors have been proven to be safely converted and absorbed, improving human cardiovascular function.

NAD+ is an essential co-factor in all living cells, participating in basic biological processes such as metabolism, cell signaling, gene expression, DNA repair, etc. Research has shown that NMN can be rapidly synthesized into NAD+ in the body. NMN can enhance the rate of energy metabolism, improve eye function, improve mitochondrial metabolism, and prevent age-related aging diseases. David Sinclair, an anti-aging researcher at Harvard University, is renowned for his research on resveratrol, NAD+, and deacetylases. He takes NMN himself, and his blood lipids have significantly improved, and he feels more energetic. At nearly 60 years old, his blood indicators are only 31 years old. 

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