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Anti-aging | Maintain the key "NAD+ level"

Anti-aging, maintain the key NAD+ levels

From ancient times to the present, the human desire for longevity and immortality has never ceased. However, modern lifestyles and dietary habits accelerate the aging process in our bodies. To reverse aging, there is international consensus in research that awakening the body's "stem cells," the source of life, can help cells maintain a youthful state and combat aging from within.

Aging typically refers to the external deterioration of the face, hair, and bodily functions. In fact, from a scientific perspective, the fundamental cause of aging is when the rate of cell death exceeds the rate of cell regeneration, leading to a gradual decline in vitality. As humans age, their cells also age, resulting in a decrease in the body's regenerative and repair capabilities.

NAD+ is an essential coenzyme present in all living cells, involved in fundamental biological processes such as metabolism, cellular signaling, gene expression, and DNA repair. NAD+ depletion is associated with aging and may serve as the basis for various age-related diseases such as metabolic disorders, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases. Increasing NAD+ levels may slow down or even reverse aging and delay the progression of age-related diseases. Supplementing NAD+ levels with its precursor substance, NMN, has been shown to have beneficial effects on aging and age-related diseases. Elevating NAD+ levels has been demonstrated to extend the lifespan of various experimental animals, including worms, flies, and rodents.

By improving the quality of life through the attenuation of aging, NAD+ can enhance overall well-being and delay age-related diseases. Clinical evidence suggests that it helps delay and/or prevent metabolic conditions, hearing loss, muscle atrophy, and cognitive decline. Moreover, NAD+ precursors have been proven to be safely converted and absorbed, with improvements seen in human cardiovascular function.

NMN has been experimentally shown to have significant effects in combating aging. Long-term consumption of NMN can prevent age-related functional decline, as evidenced by improvements in energy metabolism, insulin sensitivity, lipid metabolism, mitochondrial oxidative metabolism, visual function, bone density, and immune function. Additionally, it can restore mitochondrial function, improve inflammation, prevent synaptic loss, and protect against neuronal cell death.

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