Prevent coronavirus infection and strengthen your immune system! –

Prevent coronavirus infection and strengthen your immune system!

Prevent coronavirus infection and strengthen your immune system!

The after-effects of Omicron are numerous, including symptoms such as brain fog, decreased memory, and depletion of the body's NAD+ stores which can greatly impact the body's immune cell function and make the immune system more vulnerable to further invasion. Although immune health may seem abstract, there are ways to help maintain optimal immune function beyond simply adopting a healthy lifestyle. What are some ways to keep the immune system in its best condition?

To avoid viral invasion, be prepared with immune cells!

According to a research report from CellPress, NAD+ has been proven to play a role in antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects in the human body, which can be beneficial for individuals infected with COVID-19. Compared to individuals with a healthy body, older adults or severe COVID-19 patients may have lower levels of NAD+ in their bodies. This is because the coronavirus further depletes cellular NAD+ stores, rendering the immune cells insufficient in fighting the virus. Moreover, low NAD+ levels are associated with increased risks of adverse outcomes in COVID-19, including the development of severe complications. One of the severe complications of COVID-19 is cardiovascular disease. Several preclinical studies have shown that increasing NAD+ levels in endothelial cells can reverse vascular and endothelial dysfunction, demonstrating the potential benefits of NAD+ in hypertension and heart failure.

NAD+ as an emerging immune response regulator, has shown potential in its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. It may serve as a promising therapeutic target for the treatment of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that emerged in 2019.

The first step of self-help under the epidemic - NAD+

After hearing about the after-effects of Omicron, many people live in fear every day, worrying that they could be the next victim. There are many homemade remedies to combat Omicron, but having a strong immune system is the necessary first step to self-protection!

Viral infections can further deplete NAD+ in cells, and NAD+ has been proven to have antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects in the human body. Having sufficient NAD+ can strengthen immune cells and reduce the likelihood of severe complications from infections, as well as enhance the body's self-healing and repair capabilities. Why does repair capability decrease? When the body is young, PARP1 protein can help repair DNA, but as people age, DBC1 protein (a bad protease) binds to PARP1, rendering it ineffective and losing its repair function. NAD+ can help separate good proteases from bad proteases, allowing good proteases to regain their vitality and repair DNA, thereby restoring the body to a youthful state.

NMN, a precursor to NAD+, has a smaller molecule size and can be easily absorbed by the body, and once absorbed, it can be converted into NAD+ to keep PARP1 protein working efficiently to repair the body, naturally making the immune cells stronger!

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